Patty Furlong – Trad Irish Music Button


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Patty Furlong – Traditional Irish Music on Button Accordion 


  • Tumbledown
    The White Petticoat
  • Brenda Stubbert’s
    The North Side
  • Charlie Mulvihill’s
    Eugene Stratton’s
  • The Golden Legs
    Harry Bradshaw’s
  • Caherlistrane
    Castletown Connors
    Fasten The Leg On Her
  • Blue Eyed Rascal
  • Micky Quinn’s
    The Humours Of Ballingarry
    The Rakes Of Clonmel
  • The Man Of The House
    Kieran Kelly’s
    Brendan McMahon’s
  • The Killavil
    Paddy Fahy’s
  • Nell Fee’s
    I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
  • Munster Grass
  • Snow Capped Mountain
    The Mist Covered Mountain
  • The House On The Hill
    P.J. McComiskey’s

Patty Conway Furlong (accordion), with Myron Bretholz (bodhrán), Fiona Doherty (fiddle), Brendan Dolan (piano, flute), Hilari Farrington (harp), Mairead Powell King (feet), Benedict Koehler (pipes), Donna Long (piano), Frankie McCormick (banjo), Zan McLeod (guitar, percussion, synthesizer)

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