The FÓdhla Ceili Band


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The Fodhla (pronounced ‘Fola’) Ceili Band have been playing for Ceili dances since 1974. They are widely acclaimed as the finest exponents of the set dance tempos in the country: On this CD they demonstrate their exceptional music skills playing jigs, hornpipes and polkas all specially tailored music ally to suit the set dancing enthusiasts. Led by Brian O’Kane on accordian and his wife Pat (a daughter of the late legendary John Joe Gardiner from Co. Sligo whose early 78 reoords are now collectors items), on fiddle with their son Darragh on second accordion, the rest of the band, Brendan McCabe (flute), Mairead Farrell (piano) and Donal Fitzpatrick (drums) are experienced musicians of the highest calibre, and together this six piece ceili band bring a new dynamism to Irish Dance music with rhythm and phrasing of the Sligo style of Irish dance music very evident.

The Fódhla Céilí Band play music for Irish Set Dancing


30 Selections of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Polkas. Lively Irish Music at its best.

The Newmarket Set

1. 1st Figure Jigs The Grey Goose

2. 2nd Figure Jigs Cherish the Ladies

3. 3rd Figure Jigs Tommie Mulhaire’s / Brennan’s Favourite

4. 4th Figure Jigs McMahons / The Old Lark in the Strand

5. 5th Figure Jigs Con Cassidy’s / Top of The Morning

6. 6th Figure Hornpipes Burice’s / The Union Hornpipe


The Derrada Set

7. 1st Figure Jigs The Ship in Full Sail

8. 2nd Figure Polkas The Glen Cottage / The Wayward Rambler

9. 3rd Figure Reels The Traveller / Fred Finn’s


The Cavan Reel Set

10. 1st Figure Reels Speed the Plough / Charlie Mulvihill’s,

Come West Along the Road / The Doon Reel

11. 2nd Figure Reels The Maid in the Cherry Tree,

The Old Blackthorn / The Duke of Leinster


The Monaghan Set

12. 1st Figure Single Reel The Girl I Left Behind

13. 2nd Figure Jigs Killoran’s Fancy

14. 3rd Figure Reels The Glenallen / The Humours of Ballyconnell

15. 4th Figure Polkas Ballydesmond Polka / O’ Keefe’s

16. 5th Figure Hornpipes The Galway Hornpipe / O’ Kane’s Hornpipe

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