The FÓdhla Ceili Band


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Fodhla Ceili Band-Fodhla Ceili Band


The Newmarket Set

1. 1st Figure Jigs The Grey Goose

2. 2nd Figure Jigs Cherish the Ladies

3. 3rd Figure Jigs Tommie Mulhaire’s / Brennan’s Favourite

4. 4th Figure Jigs McMahons / The Old Lark in the Strand

5. 5th Figure Jigs Con Cassidy’s / Top of The Morning

6. 6th Figure Hornpipes Burice’s / The Union Hornpipe


The Derrada Set

7. 1st Figure Jigs The Ship in Full Sail

8. 2nd Figure Polkas The Glen Cottage / The Wayward Rambler

9. 3rd Figure Reels The Traveller / Fred Finn’s


The Cavan Reel Set

10. 1st Figure Reels Speed the Plough / Charlie Mulvihill’s,

Come West Along the Road / The Doon Reel

11. 2nd Figure Reels The Maid in the Cherry Tree,

The Old Blackthorn / The Duke of Leinster


The Monaghan Set

12. 1st Figure Single Reel The Girl I Left Behind

13. 2nd Figure Jigs Killoran’s Fancy

14. 3rd Figure Reels The Glenallen / The Humours of Ballyconnell

15. 4th Figure Polkas Ballydesmond Polka / O’ Keefe’s

16. 5th Figure Hornpipes The Galway Hornpipe / O’ Kane’s Hornpipe

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