A Tribute To Andy Mcgann


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Joe Burke, Brian Conway & Felix Dolan – A Tribute to Andy McGann


  • Jigs: Molloy’s Jig / The Humours of Castlelyons 
  • Reels: Crowley’s Reels 
  • Hornpipes: The Cliff Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe (Joe Burke solo)
  • Jigs:The House in the Glen / Coleman’s Maid on the Green 
  • Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Boys of the Lough (Brian Conway solo)
  • Air & Hornpipe Bantry Bay / The Bantry Hornpipe 
  • 7 Reels: Miss Lyon’s Fancy / The New-Mown Meadow 
  • Air: The Blackbird (Joe Burke solo) 
  • Carolan Piece:Carolan’s Draught
  • Jigs: The Old Grey Goose / Rosewood (Brian Conway solo)
  • Reels: The Bunch of Currants / The Gossoon that Beat his Father
  • Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come down, to Limerick / The Kid on the Mountain
  • Air & Reel: The Coolin / The Fishennan’s Island (Brian Conway solo) 
  • Jigs: The Luckpenny / The Pipe on the Hob 
  • Reels:Bonnie Kate /Jenny’s Chickens (Joe Burke solo) 
  • Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Maid in the Meadow 
  • Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / Reidy Johnson’s / The Bucks of Oranmore 

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