Michael Coleman – The Enduring Magic


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Michael Coleman – The Enduring Magic


  • The Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen
  • Tom Ward’s Downfall
  • Dougherty’s 
  • Lord Gordon 
  • Stack of Barley medley
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley/ The Lady on the Island
  • Lord McDonald 
  • The Derry Hornpipe 
  • Wellington’s Reels 
  • The Foxhunter’s
  • The Morning Dew/The Woman of the House
  • Trim the Velvet 
  • Mrs Kenny’s Waltz/men of the West 
  • The Green Fields of America/The Swallow’s Tail 
  • Tobin’s 
  • The Blackbird/Molloy’s Favourite 
  • Bonnie Kate/Jennie’s Chickens
  • Dr. Gilbert/The Queen of May 
  • The Kerry Reel/The Boyne Hunt 
  • Mrs. Kenny’s Barndance 


Coleman Heritage Center CHC 008, n.d. A collection of restored selections from various original recordings that are not specified, much less dated, in this collection, some via second-generation copies, including two (also unspecified) private recordings. Therefore the recordings are dated here according to either their known date from other reissues of the same original recordings already covered here, otherwise as from 1944, the last possible year they could have been recorded during Coleman’s life. The album was released in 2004 according to www.colemanirishmusic.com/history.php accessed 4 October 2015.

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