Ceide – Out Of Their Shell

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Out of their Shell

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Brian Lennon: Flutes & Whistles/Vocals
John McHugh: Fiddle
Tom Doherty: Accordion
Kevin Doherty: Double/Fretless Bass
Declan Askin: Guitar/Vocals
Marianne Knight: Vocals/Flute/Bodhran
Mayor Harrison’s:

Track Listing

  1. Oro bog Horn i / Tae In the bog / King of the Pipers

  2. John O’Dreams (Song 5.28)

  3. Mayor Harrison’s / The Boyne Hunt / The New Rigged Ship

  4. Wedding March / Planxty Joe Burke

  5. Bold Donnelly Song (3.05)

  6. I love you not and I care not / The Bunch of Roses / John Mc Hugh’s

  7. Western Waves Song (4.23)

  8. Captain O’Kane / The Jug of Punch

  9. Come to the Fair / The Sixpenny Bit / The Barren rock of Aden

  10. Pikeman’s March / Tom Mac’s Polka

  11. Man In the Moon (Song 4.52)

  12. Come up to the room I want ye / Up Boyle’s Hill / Johnny Mc Eljohn’s / Burke’s

  13. Green Groves of Erin / The Red Haired Lass / Last Night’s Fun


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