Aileen Donagher Mcgowan- Friends Of Note


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Aileen Donagher McGowan- Friends Of Note


  • The Shaskeen & The Bag of Potatoes, (feat. Seamie O’Dowd & Jim Higgins) 
  • The Rambling Bramble & The Boys of the Town (feat. Jim Higgins & Ivan Gibson)
  • Waltz Mary Ellen (feat. Kenny Donagher, Seamie O’Dowd & Jim Higgins) 
  • The Boys of Blue Hill & Thomond Bridge (feat. Seamie O’Dowd & Jim Higgins) 
  • Fr. Hanley’s & Micho Russell’s (feat. Kenny Donagher, Seamie O’Dowd & Jim Higgins) 
  • The Drunken Sailor (feat. Seamie O’Dowd) 
  • An Tóstal Air (feat. Kenny Donagher, Jim Higgins & Rhona Grimes) 
  • The Kerryman’s Daughter & The Bird in the Bush (feat. Seamie O’Dowd, Mary McGowan & Éanna Mulchrone) 
  • Pian an Bháis 
  • Miss Kenny’s & The Men of the West (feat. Gerard Donagher, Kenny Donagher, Jim Higgins & Seamie O’Dowd) 
  • Eddie Kelly’s & Willie Coleman’s (feat. Jim Higgins & Bríd McGowan) 
  • Planxty an Ghrá (feat. Kenny Donagher, Ivan Gibson, Rhona Grimes & Moninne Fitzpatrick) 
  • Maud Millar’s and Molloy’s (feat. Seamie O’Dowd & Jim Higgins)
  • The Derry Hornpipe (feat. Ivan Gibson & Jim Higgins) 
  • The Return of Spring (feat. Gerard Donagher, Kenny Donagher, Ivan Gibson, Jim Higgins, Mary McGowan, Bríd McGowan, Rhona Grimes, Moninne Fitzpatrick & Éanna Mulchrone)

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