Accordion Magic – Vol 6



Accordion Magic – Vol 6 

Featuring Bobby Coghill, Graham Geddes, Scott Gordon, Gordon Pattullo and many more


  • The Atholl Plaid, Roddy C’s, Union Street Sessions 
  • Fred Bremner Of South Dunn, Watten, The Eighth Black Watch On Passchendale Ridge 
  • Vancouver, The Didler, Hugh MacDonald
  • The Flying Scotsman 
  • Mary Hamilton Of Auchincruive 
  • Don’t Let Me Cross Over, Eileen Allanah, Flower Of Scotland 
  • Roses De Picardie 
  • Margeret Ann Robertson
  • Dantesque 
  • Whistling Rufus 
  • Tha Mo Ghaol’s Aig Donal, John Morris Rankin’s Jig, The Bush Behind The Garden 
  • Tyrol 
  • The Jacqueline Waltz 
  • Belle Mere’s Waltz, Calliope House, Willie Wier’s Return To Oblivion 
  • Requerdos De La Coruna 
  • Sweet Hesleyside, Gainslie Hill 
  • Bel Viso
  • The Chris Duncan Two-Step 
  • Perfidia 
  • Furrows End

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