Accordion Magic – Vol 6


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  1. The Atholl Plaid, Roddy C’s, Union Street Sessions (Carol-Anne MacKay)
  2. Fred Bremner Of South Dunn, Watten, The Eighth Black Watch On Passchendale Ridge (Alastair J MacDonald)
  3. Vancouver, The Didler, Hugh MacDonald (Graham Geddes)
  4. The Flying Scotsman (John Bone)
  5. Mary Hamilton Of Auchincruive (Bobby Coghill)
  6. Don’t Let Me Cross Over, Eileen Allanah, Flower Of Scotland (Tommy Darky)
  7. Roses De Picardie (Graham Geddes)
  8. Margeret Ann Robertson (Gordon Pattullo)
  9. Dantesque (Scott Gordon)
  10. Whistling Rufus (Graham Geddes)
  11. Tha Mo Ghaol’s Aig Donal, John Morris Rankin’s Jig, The Bush Behind The Garden (Carol-Anne MacKay)
  12. Tyrol (Graham Geddes)
  13. The Jacqueline Waltz (Bobby Coghill)
  14. Belle Mere’s Waltz, Calliope House, Willie Wier’s Return To Oblivion (John Bone)
  15. Requerdos De La Coruna (Alastair J MacDonald)
  16. Sweet Hesleyside, Gainslie Hill (Bobby Coghill)
  17. Bel Viso (Scott Gordon)
  18. The Chris Duncan Two-Step (Bobby Coghill)
  19. Perfidia (Graham Geddes)
  20. Furrows End (Gordon Pattullo)

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