Traditional Irish Music From Galway


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Sean Walsh – Ned Coleman – Pat McMahon – Traditional Irish Music from Galway


  • Reels: Green Fields of Glenbeigh / Trip to Birmingham / Traver’s Reel (Trad arr)
  • Jigs: Mist on the Meadow / Mull’s Fancy / Rose in the Heather (Trad arr)
  • Hornpipes: Sean Walsh’s Hornpipe (S.Walsh) / Kitty’s Wedding (Trad arr)
  • Reels: The Thatcher’s Mallet / The Killavill / The Banshee (Trad arr)
  • Jigs: My Darling Asleep / Sean Walsh’s Jig (S.Walsh) / The Humours of Glendart (Trad arr)
  • Reels: Last Night’s Fun / Maid Behind the Bar / Martin Wynne’s (Trad arr)
  • Jigs: Pat McMahon’s Jigs (P.McMahon)
  • Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / The Flowing Tide (Trad arr)
  • Reels: Anderson’s (Trad arr) / Sean Walsh’s Reel (S.Walsh) / The Galway Rambler (Trad arr)
  • Jigs: Brendan Tonra’s / Donnybrook Fair / A Day In The Bog (Trad arr)
  • Reels: The Bird in the Bush / The Hare’s Paw / The Foxhunter (Trad arr)

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