Tomas O Ceannabhain – Fonn Le Fonn


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Tomás Ó Ceannabhain – Fonn Le Fonn


  • Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / The Boys of Bluehill
  • Jigs: The Humours of Donny-Brook / The Bride’s Farewell
  • Reels: Rolling on the Ryegrass / The Lady on the Island
  • Slow Air: Casadh an Tsugain
  • Reels: Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / The First House in Connaught
  • Jig: Cherish the Ladies
  • Set Dance: Madame Bonaparte
  • Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Morning Star
  • Hornpipes: The Atlantic Sound / The Quarrelsome Piper
  • Reels: The Silver Spear / Miss McLeod’s
  • Reels: The Boys of the Lough / The Scholar
  • Single Jig: The Ballintogher
  • Reels: The Teetotaler / The Ash Plant
  • Jigs: The Mug of Brown Ale / The Cook in the Kitchen
  • Reels: George White’s Fancy / Buckley’s
  • Jigs: The Tongs by the Fire / A Health to the Ladies

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