The Mountain Road Cd



The Mountain Road Cd


  • Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel 
  • The Besom in Bloom 
  • The Moving Bogs of Powelsboro/Michael Reilly’s 
  • The Boys of the Lough/The Devils of Dublin 
  • The Wily Old Bachelor/Spellan’s Fiddle 
  • Down the Broom/The Gatehouse Maid 
  • The Devils of Dublin 
  • Scotchman over the Border / The Tenpenny BitScotchman over the Border/The Tenpenny Bit 
  • George White’s/The Carracastle Lass 
  • Johnny Henry’s/Drowsy Maggie 
  • Master McDermott’s/The Tailor’s Fancy 
  • The Cuigiu Lassies 
  • Liffey Banks/Shaskeen 
  • Kevin McHugh’s No 1 & No 2 
  • Fred Finn’s/The Master’s Return 
  • Jim Donoghue’s 
  • James Murray’s 
  • Sunny Banks/Mama’s Pet 
  • Martin Wynne’s No 1 & No 2 
  • Jim Donoghue’s/Michael Preston’s/The Laurel Tree 
  • Boys of Ballisodare/The Five Mile Chase 
  • Brendan Tonra’s/The Killavil Jig 
  • Colonel Roger’s Favourite/The Happy Days of Youth 
  • Hayes Favourite/The Chaffpool Post 
  • Tripping on the Mountain/The Lakes of Sligo 
  • The Tailor’s Thimble/The Red Haired Lass 
  • The Mountain Road/The Doon 
  • Fred Finn’s/Drowsy Maggie 
  • Willie Coleman’s/Out on the Ocean 
  • The Flowers of Red Hill/The New Steamboat 

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Weight134 g
Dimensions150 × 10 × 130 mm

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