Shaskeen – Atlantic Breeze


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Shaskeen – Atlantic Breeze


  • Reels: The Eel in the Sink, Mullingar Races, Sheehan’s
  • Jigs: Whelan’s, Scotsman over the Border, Apples in Winter.       
  • Song : A Galway Boy – Mike Fahy. (C. McGettigan)
  • Barndance: Kieran Kelly’s
  • Reels: Mamas Pet, Gan Ainm. —-Flute Solo           
  • Jigs: Hardiman’s Fancy, Mulally’s. Accordion Solo               
  • Reels: Dowd’s No.9, West Clare Reel, Jennies Wedding.           
  • Reels: Farewell to Connaught, Bank of Ireland, Galway Rambler.      
  • Song: The Shore of my Lovely Gill. – Kevin Rohan (O’Higgins)       
  • Reels: Sweeney’s Buttermilk, Flower of the Flock. – Banjo Solo           
  • Jigs: Joe Cooley’s Delight, Molowney’s Wife.           
  • Reels: Fahy’s, Love at the Endings.         
  • Song; The Cot in the Corner. – Sean Keane. (Trad)
  • Reels: Crowley’s, Lord McDonald’s, The Cameronian.

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