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  • Lady Anne Montgomery/ The Cup of Tea (Reels)
  • The Woods of Old Limerick/ The Mouse in the cupboards (Jigs)
  • The Wonder/ The Duet (Hornpipes)
  • The New Custom House (Comp. Paddy Kelly)/ The Old Bush (Reels)
  • Johnnie Seoige (Air)
  • Swinging on the Gate/ John Brosnan’s (Reels)
  • McHugh’s/ The Green Fields of Woodford/ Whistling Banshee (Jigs)
  • Fahy’s/ Athole Bros/ Gilbert Clancy’s (Hornpipe/Reels)
  • Callaghan’s/ The Box the Fireplace (Reels)
  • Paddy Cronin’s/ Con Curtin’s Big Balloon/ The Rakes of Clonmel (Jigs)
  • The Blocker (comp. Sean Ryan)/ Fahy’s (Jigs)
  • Mrs Galvin’s/ Chief O’Neills (Hornpipes)
  • The Geese in the Bog/ The Basket of Turf (Jigs)
  • The Farewell Conor’s Trip to Sligo (comp Seamus Hernon)/ Hitchin’ to Michigan (comp. Seamus Hernon) (Hornpipe/Reels)
  • The House in the Glen (The O’Neill Collection)/ Cooleys (Jigs)

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