Morga – For The Sake Of Auld Decency


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Morga – For The Sake Of Auld Decency


  • Paddy Cronin’s (Slide)/ Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself [Slide] / the Chicken That Made the Soup [Slide]
  • Fitzmaurice’s Polka
  • Johnny’s So Long at the Fair (Single Jig) / Sweet Marie [Two-Step] / Coen’s Memories [Reel] / My Maryann [Reel]
  • Fred and Peter’s (Lancers) / Up the Hill of Down [Fling] / the Kilmaley [Reel] / for the Sake of Auld Decency [Reel]
  • Finbarr Dwyer’s (Reel) / the Bird’s Nest [Reel] / Lomanach Cross [Reel]
  • Devlin’s (Jig) / the Geese on the Bog [Jig] / the Leg of the Duck [Jig] / Birdie [Old-Time Tune]
  • Fred and Peter’s (Polka) / the Mountain Pathway [Polka]
  • Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Air) / Garry Owen [March] / Connie the Soldier [Jig] / Dever the Dancer [Slip Jig]
  • Farewell to Cailroe (Reel) / the Road to Garrison [Reel] / the Callan Lasses [Reel]
  • Gol Na Mban San Ar (Air) / Hardiman the Fiddler [Slip Jig] / Three Ha’pence a Day [Jig]
  • Kelly’s (Schottische) / the Sunflower Schottische
  • The Edenderry (Reel) / the Dangerous Reel / the New Found Out Reel

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