Lilt – X


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Lilt – X

Tina Eck & Keith Carr


  • Deirdre Hurley’s/Open the Door for Three/The Gathering 
  • Return from Fingal/The Unknown Reel/Frankie Kennedy’s 
  • Old Man Dillon/The Road to Damascus/Johnny Harling’s 
  • Bill the Weaver/Port Seán Gabha/Táim in Arrears 
  • The Orange Rogue/Brenda Stubbert’s 
  • The Price of My Pig/The Coming of Spring/Paddy Fahy’s
  • Going to Mass Last Sunday/Pat McKenna’s/McAllisdrum’s March
  • Dhá Chich Dannan/Tom Sullivan’s/Poncho’s 
  • An Buachaill Dreoite/Temple Hill 
  • Catherine Martin/Keeper Hill 
  • The Jiggery Pokerwork/The Return Home 
  • The Morning Dew/The Three Sisters 
  • I Love You Not and Care for You Not/Tiny the Trooper 
  • The Thatched Cabin/Paddy Lynn’s Delight 
  • The Soaring Kestrel / Leddy from Cavan 
  • Miss Johnson/The Ballintore Fancy/Lilies in the Field 

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