Liam Kelly & Philip Duffy- Sets In Stone


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Liam Kelly and Philip Duffy – Sets in Stone


  • The Cows Are A-milking
    Flower Of The Flock
  • A Blast Of Wind
    The Holly Bush
    Baby Rory’s
  • McGovern’s Favourite
    Four Leafed Shamrock
    Bush In The Bloom
  • Jimmy Duffy’s #1
    Jimmy Duffy’s #2
    If We Hadn’t Any Women In The World
  • Ballinamore
    Courting Them All
    Mills Are Grinding
  • The Return Of Spring
    Tripping On The Mountain
  • Julia McMahon’s
    Billy McCormick’s
    Anthony Frawley’s
  • Martin Wynne’s No. 4
    Peg McGrath’s
    The Mill Of Kylemore
  • Westering Home
    A Tailor I Am
    Con Cassidy’s
  • Felix In Paris
    The Pride Of Petravore
  • Durrow
    Mountain Lark
  • April Fool
    The Planting Stick
    The Mother’s Lament
  • Kevin Henry’s
    John Egan’s
    Jim Coleman’s

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