Leonard Barry – New Road


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Leonard Barry – New Road


  • Jigs: Apples In Winter/Peataí Leary’s/Tom Billy’s
  • Reels: The Limerick Lasses/Johnny McGoohans/The Laurel Tree
  • Hop Jigs: Tommy O’Dea’s/The Silver Slipper/Shaving The Baby With A Spoon
  • March & Reels: Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine/Dogs Amongst The Bushes/Gabe O’Sullivan’s
  • Slow Air: Iníon An Fhaoit’ Ón Ngleann
  • Hornpipes: Junior Crehan’s Poll Ha’penny/Moran’s Fancy
  • Jigs: The Foxhunter’s/The Besom In Bloom
  • Set Dance: Mount Fabus Hunt
  • Reels: Gerry Commane’s/The Pride Of Cloonsha/The Maid In The Meadow/ Seanduine Dóite/A Tailor I Am
  • Jigs: The Cauliflower / Seanduine Doite / A Tailor I Am
  • Slides: The Peeler And The Goat/ Dan Jeremiah’s/Paddy Canny’s
  • Fling & Reels: Kitty Got A Clinking/Sarah’s Reel/The Bog Carrot
  • Set Dance: Planxty Davis
  • Slow Air: O’Rahilly’s Grave

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