J Carty- Hiding Daylight In Dark Corners


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James Carty – Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners


  • Philbin’s/The Wandering Minstrel
  • McDonagh’s/Sporting Nell/Barr na Cuille
  • Jamesy Gannon’s Waltz/Michael Dwyer’s
  • The Harvest Home/Scotsman over the Border
  • Blessing’s Black Cow/The Laurel Tree
  • The Killarney Wonder/James Morrison’s
  • Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners/Bill Hoare’s
  • Dalaigh’s/Lep the Table
  • The Chanter’s Song
  • Bunch of Green Rushes
  • Jamesy Gannon’s Barndance/Heights of Alma/All the Way to Sligo
  • The Trip to Sligo/The Geese in the Bog
  • Owney Davey’s/The Highlander’s Kneebuckle
  • Humours of Glendart/Irishman’s Hearts to the Ladies/The Leprechaun’s Favourite
  • The Duke of Leinster/London Lasses

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