Geraldine Cotter – Piano +


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Geraldine Cotter – Piano +


  • Buck Dance & Reel: Matinee/ Rolling In The Ryegrass
  • Air: The Pleasant Rock
  • Reels: The Heather Breeze/ Paddy Taylor’s/The Reynabrone Reel
  • Air: Urchnoic Chein Mhic Cainte
  • Hornpipes: Captain John’s/ The Queen Of May
  • Reels: The Merry Harriers/The Tailor’s Thimble/The Merry Harriers
  • Jigs: Walls Of Liscarroll/An Tathair Jack Walsh
  • Air: Cois Taoibh An Chuain
  • Reels: The Bush In Bloom/ The Munster Reel/Captain Kelly’s
  • Set Dance & Reel: Poll Hal’penny/ An Peata Beag Is Mhathair
  • Air & Recitation: Do Chuirfinnse Fein Mo Leanbh A Chodladh
  • Jigs: Sean Bui/Kit O’Mahoney’s
  • Isaac’s Jig/A Straight Jig 

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