Farewell To Ireland – Leaving Tipperary



Farewell To Ireland – Leaving Tipperary


  • Pat White – I’m Leaving Tipperary (Song) 
  • James Jimmy Morrison – Farewell To Ireland (Reel) 
  • The Flanagan Brothers – The Moving Bogs/Miss Thornton (Reels) 
  • James J. Mullan – Arrah/ Come In Out Of The Rain/ Barney Mcshane (Song)
  • Peter P.J. Conlon – The Banks Of Newfoundland (Jig) 
  • Tom Morrison – Dunmore Lassies/Manchester Reel/Castlebar Traveller (Reels) 
  • Packie Dolan – A Drink In The Morning (Song)
  • Paddy Sweeney – George White’s Favourite/The Lass Of Carracastle (Reels) 
  • Michael Coleman – The Job Of Journeywork (Set Dance) 
  • Patrick J. Patsy Touhey – The Steampacket/Morning Star/Miss Mcleod’s (Reels) 
  • John Mcgettigan – The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door (Song) 
  • Frank Murphy – The Rakes Of Clonmel (Jig) 
  • Neil Nolan – Miller’s Reel/Duffy The Dancer (Reels) 
  • The Flanagan Brothers – The Beggarman (Song) 
  • Pat Roche’s Harand Shamrock Orchestra – Boys Of Bluehill/The Stack Of Wheat (Hornpipes) 
  • John Mckenna – Back In The Garden/The Flowers Of The Red Mill (Reels) 
  • Hugh Gillespie – Dowd’s Favourite (Reel) 
  • Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band – Johnny Will You Marry Me? (Song) 
  • Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band – Ricketts Hornpipe/The Stack Of Barley (Hornpipes) 
  • Dan Sullivan – Nano’s Favourite (Reels)

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Dimensions150 × 10 × 130 mm

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