Coleman Archive-the Past Is Another Tune


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The Coleman Archive – Vol 4 – The Past is Another Tune


  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Reels): The MileStone in the Garden/ Kiss the Bride in Bed/ The lady on the Island
  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Jigs): Gillian’s Apples
  • Larry Redican (Reels): Over the Bog Road/ The Duke of Leinster
  • Larry Redican (Jig): Larry’s Delight
  • Larry Redican (Reel): Kiss Me Kate
  • Larry Redican (Jig): The Orphan
  • Peig McGrath Needham/ Brid McGrath Duffy (Song): Lough Key in Ireland
  • Johnny Kelly (reel): The Pigeon on the Gate
  • Johnny Kelly (Jig): Stray Fancy
  • Kathleen Dwyer Morris/ Kathleen Harrington/ Bridie Lafferty (Reels): Rakish Paddy/ The Sligo Maid/ The First House in Connacht
  • Frank Hannon/ Jimmy Hannon (Jig): Munster Buttermilk
  • Peig Needham/ Jimmy Murphy/ Jimmy Duffy (Reels): The Reel of Rio/ Over the Bog Road/ Buckleys
  • Ellie Osborne (Polka): Maggie in the Wood
  • Pat Osborne (Voice): My Native Town of Boyle
  • Fred Finn (Reel): Michael Reilly’s
  • Sonny Flynn (Reel): Reidy Johnsons
  • Condy O’Rourke (Lilting): The Duke of Leinster
  • House Dance in Sherlock Home: Memories of Ballymote
  • Pakie Duigan (Reel): The Boy in the Boat
  • Pakie Duigan (Jigs): The Shore of Lough Gowna/ The Mist on the Meadows
  • COndy O’Rourke (Song): SHane McDermot
  • Phil McConnon (Reels): The Girl Who Broke My Heart/ The Connemara Stocking
  • Katie O’Connell (jig) Connacht Man Rambles
  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Reel): The Queen of May
  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Reel): Sporting Paddy
  • Johnny Kelly (Voice): Davitt from Mayo
  • Michael Daly/ Frank Tegue (Reels) The Galway Rambler/ The Flowers of Redhill
  • Tommy Flynn (Reel): The Tramp
  • Frank Hannon/ Jimmy Hannon (Reel): The Sailor’s Bonnet
  • Stephen Hannon (Song): To Look for a Wife
  • Fred Finn (Reel): the Stoney Steps
  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Reel): Trim the Velvet
  • Fred Finn/ Peter Horan (Jig): The Gold Ring

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