Beginish – Stormy Weather


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Beginish – Stormy Weather


  • Thadelo’s/The Blackbird/The Corn Reeks
  • The Concert/Micho Russel’s/The Boy On The Hill Top
  • An Buchaillin Donn
  • Paddy In London/The King Of Pipers
  • I’m Waiting For You/Touch Me If You Dare/The Gooseberry Bush
  • An Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig
  • The Chancellor/The Friendly Visit
  • The Luradan’s/The Yellow Tinker
  • The Gullane/Downey’s/Johnny O’Leary’s
  • Bainne An Ghabhair Bhain
  • The Cocktail/Graf Spey
  • The Parting Glass

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