The Waltons Guide To Irish Music


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The Waltons Guide To Irish Music

A Comprehensive A-Z Guide to Irish and Celtic Music by Harry Long.

The Waltons Guide to Irish Music is a veritable Who’s Who and What’s What of Irish music – the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for Irish music lovers currently available. Organised in A-Z format for ease of use, the Guide is also extensively cross-referenced, highlighting the many cross-currents, influences and interconnections in Irish and Celtic music.

Illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and examples of different music forms and types of orientation.

“For those of us who love Irish music and the people who play, sing and foster it in all its forms, this book is a treasure trove and an essential resource. I highly recommend it.” Liam Clancy.

Includes over 900 entries, fully cross-referenced on:

Important musicians, singer and groups, past and present (including recommended recordings);
The many types of instrumental music and their connections with dance;
Irish song and singing styles;
The history and development of Irish dancing;
The main instruments of traditional music and their history in Ireland and other countries;
Music in other countries and regions that have influenced – and been influenced by – Irish music;
Collectors, cultural organisations and festivals.

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