The Giblin Legacy



The Giblin Legacy


  • Trip to the Cottage/ The Joy of Life
  • The Peach Blossom
  • Barney Bralligan/ Walk a Mile
  • The Heathery Breeze/ Coming Thro’ the field
  • Blackthorn Stick/ Miss Thorntons Jig
  • The Scholar/ The Cat in the Can 
  • The musical Bridge at Bellocorick
  • The Bush in Bloom/ Miss Monaghan
  • Phelim Brady
  • Gormans Reel/ Dan Healy’s
  • Mairtin Byrne’s Waltz/ The Hundred Pipers
  • The Boyle Hunt/ The Gloves of Erin
  • Stirling Castle/ Orange and Blue
  • Ave Marie

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Weight136 g
Dimensions150 × 10 × 130 mm