The Best Of Alex Mac Arthur


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The Best of Alex MacArthur – Buttons and Keys Vol Five


  • Eight Men Of Moidart: I’ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon, The Cockle Gatherer, Alastair Of The Den, The Peat Fire Flame
  • Britannia Two Step: Jack Delaney’s Band, Lemonville Jig, Hogmanay Jig
  • Scottish Waltz: Wi’a Hundred Pipers, The Herding Song, I Left My Dearie, Mary Darroch, Bonnie Strathearn
  • Boston Two Step: Old Comrades
  • A Trip To Bavaria: Hamish’s Tune, Bill Sutherland, Caddam Woods, George Wark
  • Lamb Skinnet: Original, Jeannie’s Blue E’en, Christie MacLeod
  • Fiddle Solo: The Beeswing Hornpipe, Prince Charlie’s Quickstep
  • Duke Of Atholl’s Reel: Original, Hot Punch, MacDonald’s Awa’ Tae The War
  • Drumelzier: Original, Traditional Hornpipe, Traditional Hornpipe, Traditional Hornpipe
  • 9/8 March: Pibroch MacKensie’s Farewell
  • St. Bernard’s Waltz: Memories Of Willie Snaith
  • Roxburgh Castle: Original, Lucky Scaup, Lord Randall’s Bride, Hunter’s Hill
  • Eva Three Step: Farewell To The Creeks, Drumloist
  • Polka: Royal Scots Polka
  • Delaney’s Delight: The Bonawe Highlanders, Neil MacMillan Of Balmaha
  • Gay Gordons: Alex MacArthur Of Biggar

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