Sittin On The Bridge Below The Town


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Sittin’ On The Bridge Below The Town 

Traditional Irish Music And Song From Dunmore


  • Johnny’s Favourite / Drowsie Maggie
  • The Ould Jig
  • The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon
  • Murphy’s Favourite
  • Hand me down The Tacklin’s
  • Nellie Walsh’s Barndance
  • Paddy’s Return
  • The Fair In Dunmore
  • Out On The Ocean
  • The Men Of The West
  • The Humour Is On Me Now
  • The Galway Hornpipe
  • The Boys Of The Lough
  • The Rose Of Aranmore
  • Miss Monaghan
  • The Irish Soldier boy
  • Paddy In London
  • The Rocks Of Bawn
  • Sittin’ On The Bridge Below The Town
  • Maggie In The Wood
  • The Sally Gardens
  • The Silver Spear
  • Granny’s Old Armchair

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