S Quinn & G Hastings- Slan Le Loch Eirne


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Séamus Quinn & Gary Hastings – Slán Le Loch Eirne/ Stories to Tell


  • Barndances: The Kiss Behind The Door / Bonnie Annie / The Granny In The Woods
  • Reels: The Humours Of Ballyconnell / Swinging On The Gates
  • Jigs: Maho Snaps / The Boys Of The Town
  • Paddy Killoran’s Highland / Hannah Mhici Mhicheail’s
  • Air: Farewell Dear Erne, Now I Must Leave You
  • Reels: The New Copperplate / Patsy Hanley’s
  • Fifing Tunes: The Bugle Hornpipe / Number Five
  • Jigs: Edward The Seventh / The Lark On The Strand
  • Reel: The Shaskeen
  • Air: The Banks Of The Clyde
  • Slip Jigs: Na Ceannabhain Bhana / Dever The Dancer
  • Reels: P.Flanagan’s / The Gossoon That Beats His Father
  • Reels: The Maids Of Castlebar / The Morning Star
  • Reels: Last Night’s Fun / The Sligo Maid
  • Polkas: The Heel And Toe / Devlin’s

The three first met in Coleraine University. Gary is now Church of Ireland rector in Westport, Seamus is a Catholic priest in Monaghan, and Ciaran is from the parish of Altan. Seamus plays fiddle, Gary plays flute and Ciaran plays bouzouki. This is superb music, much of it based on the tradition of County Fermanagh where Seamus grew up. These men had the same mentors as Cathal McConnell, the musicians of South Fermanagh and North Leitrim. Seamus also has a special allegiance to the music of Coleman, and the couple of slow airs included are based on the songs and style of Fermanagh. It’s as good as you are going to hear.

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