Matt Molloy – Out Of The Ashes


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Matt Molloy & John Carty – Out Of The Ashes


  • The Wild Irishman
    The Grand Spey
    Billy Brocker’s
  • The Geese In The Bog
    The King Of The Pipers
  • The Mountain Road
    The Doon
  • County Tyrone
    Lord Moira’s Welcome To Scotland
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
  • The Humours Of Ballinafad
    The Creel Of Turf
    Gillan’s Apples
  • Bill Black’s
    The Kildare Fancy
    The Sligo Fancy
  • Francie Campbell’s
    Out Of The Ashes
  • McDonagh Brothers’ Selection (Tune Set)
    The Cat That Ate The Candle
    Speed The Plough
    Gan Ainm
    Red-Haired Lass
  • Napoleon Crossing The Alps
  • The Green Fields Of Glentown
  • The Glendaruel Highlanders
    The Dundee Police Pipe Band
  • Twilight In Portroe
    The Navvy On The Line
    Seamus Tansey’s
  • James Murray’s
    Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    Johnny Henry’s No 1
  • The Black Haired Lass
    Patsy Sean Nancy 1
    Patsy Sean Nancy 2
  • The Battering Ram
    Jim Donoghue’s

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