Innisfree Ceili Band


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Innisfree Ceili Band – Music of North Connacht


  • Reels: The Real Blackthorn Stick – Trim the Velvet
  • Jigs: The Templehouse – The Waddling Gander
  • Reels: McGettrick’s – The Mystery Reel
  • Marches: O’ Domhnaill Abu – Jamesy Gannon’s
  • Reels: Farrell O’Gara’s – Miss McDonald’s
  • Barndances: Peach Blossom – Mrs.Kenny’s
  • Reels: The Flowers of Redhill – The Providence – The Ballina Lass – Fred Finn’s
  • Polkas: Return of Spring – The Mountain Pathway
  • Jigs: Geese in the Bog – I Was Born For Sport
  • Reels: Captain Kelly’s – The Tailor’s Thimble – The Red-haired Lass
  • Hornpipes: Lawson’s – Tommy Hill’s Favourite
  • Reels: Colonel Rodger’s Favourite – The Happy Days of Youth

The precision of the playing, by the 11 players, makes this sound like a tight quintet (just like the very best pipes bands sound like a piper and a drummer though there could be twenty of more of them).
Strong tune selection keeps this well in the range of the interested casual buyer but will not disappoint the hard-core ceili fan as the ‘All Ireland Senior Ceil Band’ winners have a jolly romp through the tunes.
Cormac Mac Diarmada, Oisin Mac Diarmada & Damian O’Brien – Fiddles
Finbar McGreevy, Maire Nic Dhiarmada, David Sheridan & Damien Stenson – Flutes
Paul Finn – Button Accordion
Oliver Loughlin – Piano Accordion
Charles O’Connor – Piano
Daragh Kelly – Drums

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