Garry Walsh – Penny Trumpets


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Garry Walsh – Penny Trumpets


  • Mrs Sampson’s Delight
    The Lady’s Cloak
  • Flanagan’s Penny Trumpet
    The Watery Boreen
  • Dancing With Movita
    The Rook And The Priest
    Dry Bread And Pullit
  • Purple Lady (song)
  • Wet The Tea
    The Minister’s Hole
    The Humours Of Lisslevane
  • Stack The Good Leather
  • Oileán Na NAnam (Island Of The Souls)
  • The Sail Maker’s Wife
    Garry Walsh’s (Gan Ainm)
  • Willie O (song)
  • The Black Bear
    The Rocky Road
    Down The Twenties
  • The Meadow In Bloom
    Mrs McGrady’s
    Griffith’s Floating Road

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