Dance Music Of Ireland – O Neills 1001


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(Waltons Irish Music Books). Here is a facsimile edition of Francis O’Neill’s classic 1907 collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes and other dance tunes. The Dance Music of Ireland has proved so valuable to musicians and has been circulated so widely that it has become known simply as “the book” a virtual bible for many traditional players.

Dance Music Of Ireland – O Neills 1001, Contents:

  • Kitty’s Rambles 
  • Off to the Hunt
  • The Highway to Dublin 
  • The Eavesdropper 
  • Have a Drink with Me 
  • The Maid at the Well 
  • Cherish the Ladies 
  • Galway Tom 
  • The Mountain Boy 
  • Katie’s Fancy 
  • O’Sullivan’s March 
  • The Priest’s Leap 
  • The Humors of Whiskey 
  • A Night at the Fair 
  • Out on the Ocean 
  • Courtney’s Favorite 
  • The Merry Old Woman 
  • A Trip to the Cottage 
  • Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part 
  • Wellington’s Advance 
  • The Old Man’s Delight 
  • Willy Walsh’s Jig 
  • The Boys of the Town 
  • and more. 

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