D Brouder & A Carberry – A Waltz For Joy


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Dan Brouder and Angelina Carberry – A Waltz for joy


  • Tatter Jack Walsh/ The Reaper/ The Alna Jig (jigs)
  • The Kerry Reel/ McFadden‘s Own/ The ConVent Reel (reels)
  • A Waltz For Joy/ Old 57/ Robetta’s Waltz (waltzes)
  • The Pidgeon On The Gate/ The Drawing Room! Touch Her If You Dare (reels)
  • McCarthy’s! The Basket Of Oysters/ East of Glendart (jigs)
  • Hornpipe 534/ Over The Hill To My Nanny Ohl/ Homplpe 778 (hornpipes)
  • Curlews In The Bog/Tommy Peoples’/ Monsignor‘s Blessing (reels)
  • Glanmorgan House/ Erin Go Brach/ Duiseachd Jig by Jackson
  • A Waltz For Flnbarr/ Breakfast At 9/ The Ruisin Reel (waltzes/reel)
  • The Parry Jlg/ The Céide Shp Jlg/ The Friendly Robin (jigs)
  • The Battle of Dunboy/ Kltty O’ Sheas (hompipes)
  • Michael Gorman’s/ Tommy Potts‘/Alice’s Reel/ Finbarr Dwyer’s (hopjigs/reels)
  • The Blackbird] John Doe! The Blackbird (hompipes)
  • Finbarr‘s Scholar/ Sherry’s Return/ Richard Dwyer’s Fancy No.2 (reels)

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