An Old Mans Memories – Andrew Hegarty


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Andrew Hegarty, a native of Belclare in South Sligo, has just published a book of poetry at the age of 88, and hopes to produce another in a few months. He says his poems mostly reflect bygone times in Ireland, poems and stories which have already been recorded for posterity

Our vernacular heritage in poem and story , expressed in verse for posterity’s preservation, provides a link with our rural past, and our tradition of buildings, that were all roof-thatched dwellings. Showing a shared culture, by a people worthy of admiration, for the structure-built features.

A tradition method passed down, from their innovating forefathers. That shared tradition of culture gave dwellings a distinctive character. Survival was hard gotten on impoverished soil. the outlines of their drudgery effort are still plain to be seen. Raised ridges made from from turned rushy screws look like fading lines on a biblical book. The told of promise and renewed hope. Now it ,matters not to those who delved, their days have been numbered and passed. Sometimes old dwellings bring back memories of home and of a fond mother’s love and her care-worn weariness.

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