The Michael Coleman Irish Music Centre

The Coleman Irish Music Centre features three main attractions: the Coleman Cottage and Archive, which remembers the past, the Music School which, builds for the future and lastly the Visitors Centre and Theatre which celebrates the tradition.
Ceolaras Coleman - Visitor Centre and Theatre

Ceolaras Coleman Ceolaras Coleman in Gurteen village contains our exhibition, Theatre and Venue, conference facilities, music shop and main offices. Ceolaras Coleman is open all year around. ... More.

The Coleman Cottage and Archive MouthIrwin

Coleman Cottage The farmhouse cottage is a replica of the original Coleman home, which will give visitors a unique insight into how people lived in the early twentieth century in Ireland ... More.

Local Area Guide

Sign Post in front of Ceolaras Coleman A comprehensive guide to the Coleman Country. Find a place to stay, to eat, or to enjoy some local entertainment all close to the Coleman Music Centre in South Sligo.... More.

Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman The South Sligo area has produced many of the finest traditional musician. None so famous as the legendary Michael Coleman, known for his distinct South Sligo style of playing.
Michael Coleman was born in the townland of Knockgraine, Killavil, Co. Sligo on 31st January, 1891.... More.


"And Killavil, you've given full measure
of talent and pleasure the while,
Our country has learned to treasure,
great reels in our South Sligo style.

Though the player and his fiddle lie sleeping and
his old home's near crumbled and gone,
Our tradition is safe in his keeping
Coleman's music will always live on."

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