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A Musical Trip to Coleman Country

Various Artists

This is the second recording arranged by the Coleman Country musicians as their contribution to the building of the Coleman Heritage Centre. It features some of the finest traditional music performed by musicians from the South Sligo area...more details.

€16.50  €14.03

Farewell to Evening Dances

O'Donnell, Colm

The title of this CD by Colm O'Donnell comes from a line in one of the songs he sings so well - The Hill of Knacknashee! Colm's singing is just as distinctive as his flute playing and makes this album a real all rounder. ...more details.

€21.50  €18.28

From Ballymote to Brooklyn

Killoran, Paddy & Morrison, James

The music of James Morrison & Paddy Killoran featured on this album was re-issued from the original 78 recordings on separate vinyl LPs (Killoran 1977, Morrison 1978) by Shanachie Records. All the tracks have been re-mastered to produce the best sound quality possible....more details.

€16.50  €14.03

Mai Féin

Hernon, Mai

The traditional singing of Mai Hernon is so true and clear that it could be described as 'distilled' In his sleeve notes, the highly acclaimed actor, Mick Lally says "It is only relatively recent since I became aware of the singing of Mai Hernon, but then I suppose it is only relatively recent since she decided to give us access to her dulcet singing. It is to be warmly welcomed that Mai has decided to record her songs, and a fine range of songs she has. Her singing is always enjoyable and exceedingly pleasant on the ear. By and large it's a fairly simple style that's not overly ornate, and more importantly, perhaps, she never loses sight of the nattative of the song"...more details.

€15.00  €12.75

Peter Horan - Still Beating Time

A Profile of Peter Horan with the Music and Musicians of South Sligo...more details.


Place of Legend : Place of Genius - Book

'Place of Legend, Place of Genius' is a collection of stories and local folklore from Killavil, Gurteen and surrounding areas in South Sligo ...more details.

€10.50  €8.93


The Irish struggle for independence (1919 - 1922) as seen by newsfilm camera of the time...more details.

€25.00  €21.25

Tap Room Trio

Tap Room Trio

This CD features the trio: Harry Bradley on flutes and piccolo, Jesse Smith on fiddle and John Blake on guitar and piano (flute on track 11) With guests John Carty and Seosamh O Neachtain. Irish music as good as it gets!...more details.


The Coleman Archive Vol 1 - The Living Tradition

Various Artists

This CD represents a broad cross section of recordings which exist in the music archive of the Coleman Heritage Centre, Gurteen, Co. Sligo.
Fiddle playing is well represented on the CD, this being a reflection on the popularity of the instrument in south Sligo a generation ago. ...more details.

€20.00  €10.00

The Coleman Archive Vol 2 - The Home Place

Various Artists

This is the second CD in a series of archive recordings from the Coleman Heritage Centre. In this selection, we have included, along with some well-known names from the Sligo tradition, a number of musicians who many listeners will be hearing for the first time. ...more details.

€16.50  €10.00