Two 3 Four


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Maurice Lennon, Chris Dawson & Ciara Brennan – Two 3 Four


  • My Grandmother’s House, The King’s Bow, Last One Out
  • Trip to London, The Gold Ring, The Rambling Pitchfork
  • The Westerly Crossing
  • Streets of London
  • Maeve’s Dance, Whitchurch Hornpipe, Manchester Hornpipe
  • March of The Kings of Laois
  • Nine Points of Roguery, Pinch of Snuff
  • Good Morning to Your Nightcap, The Kingfisher Ridee, Eastwood
  • Eden, I Cannot Move the sun
  • Water Under the Keel, The Visiting Kittens, Tuppence a Bag
  • Syster Ararat and The Baltimore Salute
  • Under the Woods


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