Transatlantic Sessions 3 Dvd



A DOUBLE DVD featuring

Paul Brady – Iris DeMent – Cara Dillon – Julie Fowlis – Sam Lakeman – Catriona MacKay – Karen Matheson – Bruce Molsky – Fred Morrison – Jim Murray – Tim O’Brien – Gerry O’Connor – Joan Osborne – Eddi Reader – Jenna Reid – Darrell Scott & Sharon Shannon.

With the ‘House Band’:
Jerry Douglas – Dobro & Steel Guitar.
Aly Bain – Fiddle & Viola.
Russ Barenberg – Guitar & Mandolin.
Phil Cunningham – Accordion, PIano & Mandola.
Donal Lunny – Bouzouki.
Donald Shaw – Accordion, Piano & Harmonium.
Todd Parks – Bass.
Michael McGoldrick – Uilleann Pipes. Whistles & Flute.
Ronan Browne – Uilleann Pipes & Whistles.
James MacKintosh – Percussion.
Donald Hay – Percussion.

Nearly 4 HOURS Long

Others in the Series

CD One

Programme 1:

  • Aly Bain with Jenna Reid & Donal Lunny: Sophie’s Dancing Feet / Andy Brown’s Reel.
  • Joan Osborne with Donal Lunny: Saint Teresa.
  • Paul Brady: The Lakes of Ponchartrain.
  • Russ Barenberg: The Drummers of England.
  • Karen Matheson with Donald Shaw: Puirt-a-Beul.
  • Darrell Scott: The Open Door.
  • Sharon Shannon with Jim Murray & Gerry O’Connor: The Swedish Jig / Untitled Jig.

Programme 2:

  • Jerry Douglas: Lil’ Ro Ro – Little Martha / A Monkey Let the Hogs Out.
  • Eddi Reader with Tim O’Brien: Back to Earth.
  • Darrell Scott with Karen Matheson: You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.
  • Jenna Reid with Aly Bain: Hector the Hero.
  • Julie Fowlis with Jenna Reid & Donal Lunny: The Drink Would Be In My Love’s Hand.
  • Cara Dillon with Sam Lakeman: Garden Valley.
  • Aly Bain with Jenna Reid & Bruce Molsky: Woo’d An’ Marrit an’ A’ / Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes.

Programme 3:

  • Russ Barenberg: Through the Gates.
  • Joan Osborne with Iris DeMent & Bruce Molsky: Holy Waters.
  • Sharon Shannon with Jim Murray & Gerry O’Connor: The Neck Belly Reels.
  • Bruce Molsky with Julie Fowlis: The Blackest Crow.
  • Paul Brady with Eddi Reader & Karen Matheson: Rainbow.
  • Karen Matheson with Donald Shaw: Burial Place of the Children.
  • Tim O’Brien: The Crossing.

CD Two

Programme 4:

  • Jerry Douglas: Sir Aly B.
  • Julie Fowlis with Bruce Molsky & Donal Lunny: O Noble Youth Who Has Left Me.
  • Iris DeMent with Joan Osborne & Bruce Molsky: He Reached Down.
  • Phil Cunningham with Aly Bain: Frank McConnell’s Three Step.
  • Tim O’Brien: Look Down That Lonesome Road.
  • Cara Dillon with Paul Brady & Sam Lakeman: The Streets of Derry.
  • Fred Morrison with Michael McGoldrick, Donal Lunny & Jerry Douglas: Farewell to Uist / The Lochaber Badger / Rip the Calico.

Programme 5:

  • Aly Bain with Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg & Todd Parks: St.Annes Reel.
  • Karen Matheson with Darrell Scott, Tim O’Brien & Donald Shaw: One More Chance.
  • Catriona MacKay: Swan Lk 243.
  • Paul Brady with Cara Dillon, Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott: Don’t Try To Please Me.
  • Julie Fowlis with Bruce Molsky: The Sheiling On the Bracken Brae.
  • Joan Osborne with Bruce Molsky: Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends.
  • Bruce Molsky with Sharon Shannon & Jim Murray: Shove the Pig’s Foot A Little Further Into the Fire.

Programme 6:

  • Bruce Molsky: Half Past Four.
  • Eddi Reader with Karen Matheson & Paul Brady: Aye Waulkin’-O.
  • Tim O’Brien with Darrell Scott: Brother Wind.
  • Aly Bain with Jerry Douglas, Donald Shaw & Todd Parks: Sophie’s Lullaby.
  • Cara Dillon with Paul Brady & Sam Lakeman: P Stands For Paddy.
  • Darrell Scott with Paul Brady: Shattered Cross.
  • Michael McGoldrick with Donal Lunny & Bruce Molsky: Sail Away Ladies – Walking the Parlour.

    Bonus Tracks:

  • Phil Cunningham with Aly Bain: Eleanor of Usen.
  • Iris DeMent with Bruce Molsky: There’s A Whole Lot of Heaven.
  • Fred Morrison with Bruce Molsky: The Kansas City Hornpipe – Jarlath’s Tune.

    Behind the Sessions Footage: Documentary, Chats, Interviews, Rehearsals etc..
    The Sessions Slide Show

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