Traditional Irish Flute Solos Volume 2


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Vincent Broderick – Traditional Irish Flute Solos Vol: 2 

Musicians: Éamonn Galldubh – Flute, Antóin Mac Gabhann – Fiddle, Vincent Broderick – Archive Flute Solo


  • The Angler’s Rock (Jig)
  • The Derrybrien Slide
  • Cruising On The Rhine (Barn Dance)
  • The Mountain Stream (Barn Dance)
  • The Leaping Trout (Jig)
  • Down The Old Boreen (Barn Dance)
  • The Swan’s Nest (Jig)
  • The Ballydugan Barn Dance
  • The Éamonn Ceeannt March
  • The Wishing Well (Hornpipe)
  • The Connemara Hornpipe
  • The Red Bog (Reel)
  • A Frog In The Pond (Jig)
  • The Halfpenny Bridge (Hornpipe)
  • The Final Score (Hornpipe)
  • Ward’s Eviction Suite: The Shoemaker In The Quiet Town (Planxty)
  • The Bailiff Arriving In Town (Polka)
  • The Battle (Hornpipe)
  • Running The Bailiff Out Of Town (Reel)
  • A Tribute To The Women (Slow Air)
  • The Gambling Man (Jig)
  • The Twin Towers (Slow Air)
  • The Boyne Valley Jig
  • The Weeping Willow (Jig0
  • The Little Ray Of Sunshine (Barn Dance)
  • The Harbour Bar (Reel)
  • Lord Dunsandle (Reel)
  • Mount Fuji (Reel)
  • The Rising Sun (Barn Dance)
  • The March Hare (Reel)
  • The Mad Cow Roundabout (Reel)
  • Newland’s Cross (Reel)
  • The Sally Gap (Reel)
  • The Three Rock Mountain (Jig)
  • The Sugarloaf Mountain (Reel)
  • Lambay Island (Jig)
  • The Nine-mile Stone (Reel)
  • The Liffey Valley (March0
  • The Hedgehog (Slip Jig)
  • The Tokyo Ramblers (Reel)
  • The Last Straw (Reel)
  • The Thrush In The Bush (Reel)
  • The Waterfall (Reel)
  • Falling Leaves (Jig)
  • The Soldier’s Lament (Slow Air)
  • The Winding Road (Hornpipe)
  • The Wild Bird’s Nest (Reel)
  • The Benmore Slide
  • Strangers In Town (Jig)
  • The Wexford Mayfly (Jig)

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