A O Farrell – The Jigs Up


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  1. The Jig’s Up  
  2. Fanny Power
  3. Heir Conditioning & Miss Monaghan’s Reel
  4. She Moved Through the Fair
  5. Song of the Chanter & Allistrum’s March
  6. The Night in Bethlehem
  7. The Queen and the Gander
  8. The Salley Gardens
  9. The Rights of Man & The King of the Fairies
  10. The Coulin
  11. Carolan’s Draught
  12. Limerick’s Lamentation
  13. The Laughter of Women
  14. Miss McDermott & Lady Gethin
  15. For Ireland I’ll Not Tell her Name
  16. Carolan’s Concerto
  17. Watching the Wheat

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