Coleman Archive- The Open Door



The Coleman Archive, Volume Three – The Open Door


  • The Humours of Lissadell/ The Queen of May
  • The Steampacket/ The Five Mile Chase
  • Trim The Velvet
  • The Flogging Reel
  • The Gold Ring
  • The Banks of the Lee
  • The Dublin Reel/ The Steampacket
  • Jenny’s Wedding/ The Maid in the Cherry tree
  • The Maid Behind the Barrel/ The Shaskeen
  • The Abbey Reel
  • The Frost is all over/ The Scotsman over the Border
  • The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer
  • The Copperplate
  • Colonel Roger’s Favourite/ Happy Days of Youth
  • Crowley’s
  • The Soldiers of Cumann Na MBan
  • The Laurel Tree/ The Hunter’s Purse
  • Brian Luby’s Polka/ John Egan’s/ The Grand Old Dame
  • The Dunmore Lasses/ The Galway Rambler/ The Laurel Tree
  • The Rising Sun/ Love at the Endings
  • The Mountain Top/ The Bonfire
  • Down the Broom/ The Gatehouse Maid
  • The Jacket so Blue
  • The High Level
  • Trim the Velvet
  • Lord McDonald’s
  • The Frog in the Well/ The Silver Tip
  • The Queen of May

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