Coleman Archive- The Home Place



The Coleman Archive, Volume Two – The Home Place


  • Dick Brennan/Tommy Hunt (fiddle/flute): Kiss the Bride in Bed/Lady on the Island 
  • Andy Davey (fiddle): Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie/Sailor’s Bonnet
  • Sonny McDonagh (flute): Shaskeen/Bag of Spuds
  • Alfie Joe Dinneen & Peg McGrath (accordion & flute): Lad O’Beirne’s/Frost is All Over 
  • Dominic Rushe (tin whistle): Miss Monaghan/Clogher 
  • Jim Rawl (fiddle): Humours of Lissadell/Miss McDonald 
  • Paddy McDonagh (vocal): Féidhlim Brady the Bard of Armagh 
  • Jacky Coleman & Andy Davey (flute & fiddle): The Old Blackthorn Stick 
  • Phil McConnan (fiddle): Captain Rock/Old Bush 
  • Charlie Higgins & Jack Dolan (flute & fiddle): Paddy Finlay’s Fancy/Streams in the Valley 
  • Joe, Sheila & Seamus O’Dowd (fiddles): Girls of Banbridge/Old Apples in Winter 
  • Jim Rawl & Jimmy McKiernan (fiddles): Humours of Toomagh/Miss Dunbar 
  • Fred Finn & Sonny Davey (fiddle & bodhrán): Providence/Boys of Ballinahinch 
  • Carmel McHale (vocal): My Mother is Your Sweetheart 
  • Roger & Batty Sherlock (flute & bodhrán): Conlon’s Dream/Mamma’s Pet 
  • Sheila O’Dowd (fiddle): Dowd’s No.1/Thrush in the Storm
  • P Fitzpatrick & Desmond Higgins (fiddle & flute): Cooley’s/Earl’s Chair 
  • Verona Ryan (fiddle): Sonny’s Mazurka/Fowley’s Favourite 
  • Jim Donoghue (tin whistle): Maid Behind the Bar/Cooley’s 
  • Michael Creegan (fiddle): Wily Old Bachelor 
  • Johnny Henry & Joe Dowd (fiddles): The Doon/Donegal Reel 
  • Desmond Higgins (flute): Dillon’s/Sailor’s Return
  • Pake Spellman (fiddle): Boys of the Lough/Devils of Dublin
  • Jack Healy (vocal): Lakes of Sligo 
  • Dick Brennan & Peter Horan (fiddle & flute): Killavil Bucks 
  • Peter Walsh (tin whistle): Frank Walsh’s 
  • Paddy Healy (flute): Geese in teh Bog 
  • Paddy Healy (flute): Queen of the May 
  • Kevin McHugh (fiddle): Parish of Knockmore/Green Cottage/Chase the Banshee 
  • Eamonn Cullen (flute): Colonel Rodney/Happy Days of Youth 
  • John McGrath & Lad O’Beirne (fiddle & piano): Farrell O’Gara

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