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This book serves two purposes: 1.) As a tutor, it provides the student with general instruction and a wide selection of popular Irish and Scottish tunes. The tunes are graded according to difficulty as Elementary (E), Intermediate (I) or Advanced (A) as an aid to the learner.

2.) The book offer the accomplished player a new expanded repertoire of Irish tunes along with a selection of well-known.


Tunes (E):

The Minstrel Boy (March).
Let Erin Remember (March).
God Save Ireland (March).
The Skye Boat Song (Slow March).
Amazing Grace (Air).
Easter Week (Air).
The Felons of Our Land (Air).
The West Awake (Air).
O’Connell’s March.
Wrap the Green Flag Around us Boys (March).
The Wearing of the Green (March).
Kelly the Boy from Killane (March).

Tunes (I):

Mackay’s Farewell to the 71st (March).
My Love, She’s but a Lassie Yet (March).
The Boys from Wexford (March).
Step Together (March).
John Fanning of Clondulane (March).
John Campbell from Skye (March).
Sligo Polka (March).
Going home (Slow March).
The Rowan Tree (Slow March).
My Home (Slow March).
The Skye Gathering (Slow March).
Bill Cleary (Slow March).
The Little house Under the hill (Jig).
Oft in the Stilly Night (Lament).
Eileen Aroon (Air).
Youghal Harbour (Retreat).

Tunes (A):

St. Patrick’s Day (March).
Colonel Robertson (March).
Hot Punch (March).
Dovecote Park (March).
The Blue Bonnets (March).
The Road to the Isles (March).
The Butcher’s March.
Scotland the Brave (March).
The Swallow’s Tail (Reel).
The Mason’s Apron (Reel).
Cork Hill (Jig).
Father O’Flynn (Jig).
The Connaught Man’s Rambles (Jig)
The Wexford Hornpipe (Hornpipe).
The Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipe).
J. F. Kennedy Hornpipe.
Monymusk (Strathspey)
Miss Drummond of Perth (Strathspey).

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