Shane Mulchrone – Solid Ground


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Shane Mulchrone – Solid Ground


  • Molly Bán/ The Trip to Durrow (Reels)
  • The Geese in the Bog/ Jim Donoghue’s Favourite (Jigs) 
  • Paddy Joe Tighe’s/ Miss McGuinness/ The Pride of Clúinte (Reels) 
  • Fowley’s Mazurka/ Billy’s Boffin Waltz (Mazurka / Waltz) 
  • The Boys of Knock/ Johnny Will You Marry Me (Schottisches) 
  • Sadhbh Ní Mhongaile/ Cailleach an Airgid/ Clare Island Rowing Song (Jigs) 
  • Doherty’s/ The Sunny Banks (Reels) 
  • Paddy Moran’s Down the Meadow/ The Merry Sisters (Reels) 
  • The Nightcap/ Saddle the Pony (Jigs) 
  • Cuaichín Ghleann Néifinn (Air) 
  • Miss Walsh’s/ The Three Little Drummers (Jigs) 
  • The Rising Sun/ The Wexford Reel (Reels) 
  • O’Flynn’s Fancy/ Delaney’s Donkey (Barndances)

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