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Des Seery Flutes have an excellent tone and intonation and produce plenty of power and the characteristic “big” Pratten sound.

Key Features of the Des Seery Delrin Flute

  • Key of D
  • Tuning Slide
  • Rich Tone
  • Good intonation in all octaves
  • Perfect in all weather conditions
  • Made with virtually indestructible Delrin acetal resin
  • Professionals’ flute of choice

The Seery Delrin Flute is suitable for all weather conditions, making it the perfect flute to play anywhere in the world. And even better, this flute has virtually no maintenance costs – it’s easy to see why this is Dessie’s most popular flute model. It really provides the player with peace of mind as the flute has been made using such great materials; there’s no need to worry about oiling the instrument or getting those dreaded cracks in the barrel. When playing this flute you will produce a rich tone every time, exactly what every player strives for.


Additional information

Weight580 g
Dimensions800 × 150 × 30 mm