Seamus Walshe – Turas


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Séamus Walshe – Turas 


  • Reels. Dr.Gilbert/Skipping Lambs/Dash to Portabella
  • Jigs. Mary Shore/Only for Barney/Swallow’s Nest
  • Hornpipes. Turas Sheamuis/Tommy McGuires
  • Reels. Long Drop/Fred Finn’s/Torn Jacket
  • Jigs. The Wishing Well/Grainne’s/Jocelyn’s Tree
  • Hornpipes. Minnie Foster/The Second Star
  • Song. Jane Hogan (Featuring PJ Murrihy)
  • Reels. The Thirten Arches/Bridge at Newtown
  • Hornpipes. Chornphiopa Sheamuis Ui Dhubhthaigh/The Bantry
  • Reels. Farewell to Miltown/Pigtown Reel/The Concert
  • Waltzes. Margaret’s Waltz/Louis’ Waltz
  • Hornpipes. The Salthill/Séamus Walsh’s Hornpipe
  • Jig. Dr.O’Neill’s
  • Reels. Eddie Kelly’s Reels
  • Marches. Centenary/Mount Cashal Brigade/Caesar’s March
  • Hornpipes. Poppy Leaf/Rossinver Braes
  • Jigs. Bella’s Table/Dochas/The Friendly Robin
  • Moving Cloud/Charlestown Reel

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