Paul Smyth


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Paul Smyth


  • The One That Was Lost
    Palm Sunday
  • Johnny Henry’s
    Sergeant Early’s Dream
    The Girl Who Broke My Heart
  • Limerick Road
  • Mick Quinn’s
    Come Along With Me
    Tay In The Bog
  • Caoineadh Eoghan Rua
  • The Mullingar Lea
    Paddy Taylor’s
    The Mills Are Grinding
  • The Blackbird
  • Tommy Gaffey’s
    Jack Coen’s
  • Murphy’s
  • Farewell To Ireland
    The House Of Hamill
    Mama’s Pet
  • Down The Hill
  • The Friendly Visit
    The Cliff
  • The Flags Of Dublin
    The Laurel Tree
    The Cloone

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