Noreen O Sullivan – The Quiet House


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Noreen O Sullivan – The Quiet House


  • Eddie Maloney’s/Tae In The Bog/Jimmy Kennedy’s
  • Reilly’s Greyhound/The Green Gowned Lass/The Tyrone Ashplant
  • O’Dwyer’s
  • Touch Me If You Dare/Callaghan’s/Green Fields Of America
  • The Old Jig Of Mike’s/Cuffe Street
  • The Quiet House
  • The Mountain Streams
  • The Night I Spent In Ballarat/Cavan Fever
  • McGettrick’s/The Old Wheels Of The World
  • Tom Busby’s/The Rambling Pitchfork
  • The Tempest/Patsy Hanley’s
  • The Humours Of Glynn/Larry O’Gaff/Give Us A Drink Of Water
  • Johnny Going To The Ceili/Donal A’ Phumpa
  • Old Man Quinn/Sean Bhean Bhocht

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