Music At The House


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Brendan Bulger, Marty Fahey, Kathleen Gavin – Music at the House


  • Jimmy Neary’s
    Tommy Maguire’s
  • The Lone Bush
    Eugene Stratton’s
  • Mickey Callaghan’s
    The Man In The House
  • Buttermilk Mary
    Failing Memories
  • In Memory Of Coleman
  • The Blackthorn
    The Drunken Tinker
  • Kit O’Mahony’s
    Paddy Walshe’s
  • The Girl Who Broke My Heart
    Maude Miller
  • St. Gilbert’s
    The Stage
  • Da Slockit Light
  • The Chandelier
    Christmas In America
  • My Mind Will Never Be Aisy
    Paddy O’Snap
    Lough Key
  • Dooish
    The Musical Manicure
  • McGreevy’s
    The Humours Of Castlefinn
  • The Galway
    Willie’s Fiddle
  • The Yellow Tinker

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