Murray& Ross- The Powelsborough Lassies


The Powelsborough Lassies
James Murray & Ollie Ross, flute ,fiddle and songs, great music in the South Sligo musical tradition.

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James Murray & Ollie Ross- The Powelsborough Lassies


  • The Dublin Reel/The Three Merry Sisters 
  • Murray’s One and Two 
  • The Powelsborough Lasies/Frank Walshe’s 
  • Lord Gordan’s Reel 
  • A Stór Mo Chroí 
  • The Duke of Leinster/Ah Surely
  • The Blackthorn Stick/Reidy Johnston’s 
  • Sarah Ann O Connor’s/The Mother’s Lament 
  • Lament for Peter Walsh 
  • Roaring Mary/The Graf Spree 
  • The Clare Reel/The First Month of Spring 
  • The Chaffpool Post/Memories of Sligo 
  • The Hunter’s Purse/The Sligo Maid 
  • Úna Bhán 
  • The Galway Rambler/Five Mile Chase/Dennis Devaney’s 
  • The Concert Reel/Custom Gap
  • Pat Sweeney’s Favourite/Paddy Carty’s 
  • The Old Wheels of the World/Mc Gowan’s Favourite/The Moving Bog of Powelsborough 
  • The Croppy Boy 
  • Drowsey Maggie/Toss the Feathers 
  • The Stonepark Reel/The Templehouse Reel
  • The Geese in the Bog 
  • The Bush in Bloom/Touch Me If You Dare 

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