Mick Lavelle – The Westport Rambler


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Mick Lavelle – The Westport Rambler


Unaccompanied Songs, Jokes and Recitations from the much loved Mayo man Mick Lavelle.

  • Lovely Westport
  • The Lotto Song
  • The Rambler
  • The Hand Grenade
  • Paddy and the Ass
  • Where the Praties Grow
  • The Station Mass
  • The Mouse Trap
  • Willie McBride
  • The Blind Pension
  • Mickey the Hump
  • Connemara Dan
  • The Travelling Tinker
  • The Half Crown
  • Memories
  • Mick’s Dream
  • The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
  • The Elephant’s Egg
  • The Drunk Driver
  • The Christening
  • They Wouldn’t Do It Now

Mick Lavelle was an unassuming man and a much loved ambassador for the town of Westport, Co Mayo, Mick was famous for his singing and story telling over the years, and has entertained thousands of visitors to the town and region, most famously in Matt Molloy’s, where he was a regular visitor since the pub opened in 1989.
Originally from Skirdagh outside Newport, Mick hailed from a family of six, and was predeceased by his beloved wife Annie in 2008. They had no family of their own.
A former Connacht lilting, singing and storytelling champion, Mick, a pioneer for over 50 years, was crowned Ireland’s ‘King of the Culchies in 1991 and was a regular guest on RTE television and radio, as his national profile soared. He regularly entertained celebrities and dignitaries, and recorded songs at various times over the years, the most famous of which was his well-known ‘Lotto Song’.

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