L Weissenberger & T Harkin- Dyad


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Lynnsey Weissenberger & Treasa Harkin- Dyad


  • Smash The Windows
    Ormond Sound
    John Kelly’s Concertina
  • Down The Hill
    Is The Big Man Within?
  • Cuil Aodha
    The Castle
    Garrett Barry’s
  • The Blackbird
    The Lone Bush
  • Humours Of Sweetwater
    An Boithrin Cam
    The Road To Durham
  • Dinny O’Brien’s
    Farewell To Connaught
  • Sliabh Russell
    The Hands Of Fate
    Statia Donnelly’s
  • Moran’s Return
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
    Porthole Of The Kelp
  • Cailleacha Chuigid Uladh
    Lough Key
    Last Night’s Fun
  • Caoine Phiaruis Feirteara
  • Tom Busby’s
    Return To Burton Road
    I Was Born For Sport
  • The Curragh Races
    Jenny Picking Cockles

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